What You Need to Know About Asbestos

Unfortunately, asbestos can be found in a myriad of household materials. We’ll tell you where to look.

What You Need to Know About Asbestos

Identifying Asbestos

Asbestos. The name has its origin in the Greek word for inextinguishable. A highly effective and inexpensive fire-retardant material and thermal and acoustic insulator, asbestos was used extensively in home construction from the early 1940s through the 1970s. However, we now know that prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers can lead to lung disease.

When disturbed, tiny abrasive asbestos fibers are easily inhaled, which damages lung tissue and can cause cancer. In homes built before 1975, asbestos is most commonly found as thermal insulation on basement boilers and pipes.

Unfortunately, it can also be found in a myriad of other household materials including:

  • Blown-in attic insulation
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Glue that attaches floor tiles to concrete or wood
  • Some forms of linoleum
  • Window caulking and glazing
  • Roofing material (usually on flat roofs but occasionally on shingles)
  • HVAC duct insulation (usually found in corrugated or flat paper form)
  • Siding material
  • Plaster
  • Fiber cement siding (usually 1/8 ” thick and 8’x4′ brittle)
  • Corrugated heavy duty 8’x4′ panels

Some forms of paint The mere presence of asbestos in your home is not hazardous. Generally, the material in good condition will not release asbestos fibers and disturbing it may create a health hazard where none existed before. The best thing to do with the asbestos material in good condition leaves it alone.

The danger comes from asbestos material that has been damaged over time. Asbestos that crumbles easily if handled, or that has been sawed, scraped, or sanded into a powder is likely to release asbestos fibers and create a health hazard. If you suspect a part of your home may contain asbestos, check periodically for tears, abrasions or water damage.

If you discover slightly damaged material, limit access to the area and do not touch or disturb it. If asbestos material is more than slightly damaged, or if you are going to make changes in your home that might disturb it, professional repair or removal is needed.

Before calling an asbestos abatement contractor, however, you should contact an industrial hygiene firm to inspect the affected area. A proper assessment will include a complete visual examination and careful collection and analysis of samples.

If asbestos is present, the inspector should provide a written evaluation describing its location and extent of damage, and give recommendations for correction or prevention. Also, this inspector can perform checks after removal or repair to assure the area has been properly cleaned. With this report in hand, homeowners can then contact an asbestos abatement contractor and negotiate a clean-up plan.

Before work begins, get a written contract specifying the work plan, cleanup and the applicable federal, state, and local regulations which the contractor must follow (such as permits, notification requirements and asbestos disposal procedures).

You can contact your state and local health departments, the Environmental Protection Agency’s regional office and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s regional office to find out more about these regulations.

Repair and Removal

Repair involves either sealing or covering asbestos material. Sealing (encapsulation) treats the material with a sealant that either binds the asbestos fibers together or coats the material, so fibers are not released. Pipe, furnace and boiler insulation can be repaired this way.

Covering (enclosure) involves placing a protective wrap or jacket around the material that contains asbestos to prevent the release of fibers. Only a professional trained to handle asbestos safely should undertake these repairs. With any type of repair, the asbestos remains in place. Repair is usually cheaper than removal, but it may make later removal of asbestos, if necessary, more difficult and costly.

Repairs can either be major or minor. Doing minor repairs yourself is not recommended; improper handling of asbestos materials creates more problems than it solves. If you decide on removal, be sure to get written assurance from the contractor that he or she has followed all local asbestos removal and disposal laws. Homeowners should also ask for a disposal manifest before paying the final bill to verify that the material will be disposed of in a landfill licensed to receive asbestos.

Only contractors licensed like asbestoswatchgeelong.com.au by the state to perform asbestos abatement activities should undertake its repair and removal. As when hiring any contractor, ask for references and a list of similar projects that the contractor has recently completed. Check with your local air pollution control board, the local agency responsible for worker safety and the Better Business Bureau to see if the firm has had any safety violations.

Insist that the contractor uses the proper equipment to do the job and that workers wear approved respirators, gloves and other protective clothing. Homeowners should also verify that the contractor has a general liability and workman’s compensation policies that cover this type of work. In many states, contractors are required by law to notify federal, state and local agencies that they are about to perform abatement activities.

At the end of the job, before the contractor removes its containment system, the industrial hygiene specialist who first evaluated the property should return to take air samples to be sure that no asbestos fibers have accidentally escaped.

For further help in dealing with asbestos problems in the Geelong region, contact your state’s environmental affairs agency. If handled properly, asbestos can be prevented from ever causing a problem in your home.

Occupational Asbestos Exposure + Mesothelioma Attorneys And The Population At Risk.

Since the turn of the century, many corporations were aware of the hazardous nature of asbestos and the dangers that the mineral posed to workers. It is estimated that each year there are over 2,500 people who are diagnosed with mesothelioma, a deadly cancer that is caused by the inhalation of asbestos fibers.

There have been many studies devoted to examining the links between asbestos exposure and mesothelioma. One of the studies was conducted by Dr. William J. Nicholson, PhD and friends about occupational exposure to asbestos. The research was examined the population at risk and projected mortality between 1980 to 2030.

Occupational Asbestos Exposure.png

They made an estimation of numbers of cancers that are projected to result from pas asbestos exposure in number of occupations and industries. At least there are 27,500,000 individuals had potentially exposed to asbestos at workplace in 1940 to 1979. Based on these, a18,800,000 individuals had exposure in excess of that that equivalent to two months employment in primary manufacturing. About 21,000,000 if the 27,500,000 are estimated to have been alive. Also 14,100,000 of the 18,800,000 are estimated alove on January 1, 1980.

About 8,200 asbestos related cancer deaths are occuring annually and it is rise to about 9,700 by the year 2000. The mortality rate from past exposure will decrease.

What jobs are most at risk?

According to The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, shipyard workers, people working in asbestos mines and mills, boilermakers, carpenters Drywall, Electricians, Insulators, Iron Workers, Mechanics, Pipefitters, Plasters, Plumbers, Sheet metal workers, Steamfitters, Telephone workers, Paper mill workers, Welders, Longshoremen, Railway and Railroad workers, Engine Shop Workers, Aircraft Mechanics, Plant Maintenance Workers, Crush Workers, ,Grinder Operators, Paper Machine Workers, Punch Pressers, Warehousemen, Trippers, Pelletizers, Agglomerators are the jobs with the most risk to get expose to asbestos.

What about family members that were exposed?

There is growing evidence that some family members and those living with workers exposed to asbestos can also develop mesothelioma because of asbestos dust and particles being brought home on the clothing and hair of workers.

Mesothelioma Attorneys

If you believe that you have been harmed by asbestos exposure you should contact an attorney immediately to discuss your legal rights.

Property Insurance For Landlords

As an owner od a rental property, you need to overcome any problems happened to the property, especially those which deal with the cost. Your guests probably make any damage to your property. Thus, you need to know that there are so many companies offering property insurance for landlords which can cover the damage caused by natural catastrophes, for example fires, floods, storms, or water.

Property Insurance For Landlords.png

What does property insurance for landlords cover?

             There are some perils which property insurance for landlords can be covered by property insurance for landlords, such as fire, storms, burglary and vandalism. You can prevent spending money for such damages with a well-planned policy from property insurance for landlords.

A comprehensive property insurance for landlords will not only cover the physical damage of the building but also the contents of the building including furniture, electronics, furnishings, window glass, etc. The protection for damages caused by injuries or losses suffered byothers will be given too for those who include a liability clause in the property insurance for landlords. While the percentage of all legal fees will be paid off by the property insurance for landlords, including the payment for lawyers and processing the documents, in case you are sued by the third party.

Choosing the right property insurance for landlords

             As people cannot control calamities to happen, it might as well you defend the catastrophes with property insurance for landlords. It will protect you from the cost of damages extention. You need to make sure the liability clause is included in the property insurance for landlords that you buy, to give coverage for all physical and legal injuries. Another thing that you need to realize before purchasing is whether your property insurance for landlords give you coverage for rental income loss or not, in case you must close down your business for a certain period of time, you will face it calmly.

Companies that offer property insurance for landlords

             These are a data consisting of some companies which provide property insurance for landlords:

  • AAA Insurance which has already allied with Balboa Insurance Co. To provide property insurance for landlords. Its main feature of property insurance for landlord is Dwelling Fire Policy.You can get up to 10% coverage for repair and reconstruction the damages happened in your property, especially for the most direct physical losses.
  • LandlordZone is an online company in UK which provides property insurance for landlords. They can cover the damages happened to houses, flats, maisonettes and commercial retail properties, such as shops, offices and workshops.


Gardening In The Fall Season

Several gardeners’ unconsidered gardening in fall because of the winter extreme cold that might cause a new appearance. In addition, gardening in fall will produce excellent vegetables and will increase crops long previous spring planted plants are accomplished.  Vegetables produced from this season are sometimes sugary and soft than which growth in the summer and offer a fresh taste to the same veggies.

Gardening In The Fall Season.png

What you select to grow during the fall season depend on your available place and what you like to consume, same as spring plants.  Even the plant love the heat, as well as tomatoes, sweet potatoes, okra, and peppers, will harvest till frosts hit, which can become late in southern areas in the year.  However, there are some plants that will stop to grow at the end of summer like cucumbers, summer squash, and snap-beans.  If these vegetables are seeded around in the middle of the summer they can be harvested till the early frosts as well.  Hardy, tough vegetables will grow until the low temperature as 20 degrees, but there aren’t strong enough to grow through light frosts.  Just remind that if you have root and beet plants when the tops are dying by a freeze the eatable part can be stored if a large quantity of mulch is used.

When gardening in the fall season, check out and select the vegetables of the shortest growing season so they can be ripe and collect it before the frost comes.  Nearly all seed packages labeled “early season”, or you can find the seeds that the fewest days to maturity.  You may want to immediately plant your seeds for gardening in the fall season, in spring or early summer; they are do not keep in stock facing the end of summer.  If they are saved in a cool and dry place, they will provide for until you are ready to put in the ground for growing.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.32.00 AM.png

In order to get know accurately when the perfect time to start gardening in the fall season, you need to know about when the early hard frost will come to your area.  Farmer’s Almanac is one of the best ways to tell about it.  They will give you accurate dates and are hardly incorrect.  You will also necessary to notice exactly how long it will to take the plants to mature.

To get ready the soil for gardening in the fall season, it must first to remove any remain spring/summer crops and weeds.  Crops remain from the last season can become eventually spreading bacteria and disease if abandoned in the garden.  Spread a certain of inches of compost or mulch covering the garden area to add the nutrients, still, if spring plants were fertilized massively it may not require much if some.  As far as the top layer of soil, moist it down, and leave it set approximately 12-24 hours.  Once this has been finished, it ready to growing.

Several gardeners will escape from gardening in fall season because they don’t want to compromise with frosts; in case that difficult, planted the sturdy vegetables that can survive in a few touches of frost and give you some delicious tasting produce.  Gardening in the fall season allows you the opportunity to take pleasure your vegetable garden for say the least little by little extra time.

Mesothelioma Removal Surgery

Mesothelioma is a unique shape of lethal disease which consists of several main types. The mesothelioma created from asbestos exposure. The asbestos has microscopic fiber when disturbed and inhale can stay in the respiratory system and create a malignant disease. Mesothelioma is a type of cancer which attacked the mesothelium, the thin layer of tissue that surrounds most of the internal organs.  Some of the organs that have mesothelium are the lungs (pleura), stomach (abdominal), and the heart (pericardial). This cancer is quite aggressive and many victims are not successfully treated.

Mesothelioma Removal Surgery.png

It is about 75% mesothelioma occur in the lining of the lungs known as the pleural mesothelioma. The peritoneal mesothelioma which is attacked mesothelium in abdomen get 20%. And another 5% is occurring in the heart known as pericardial mesothelioma. These all three forms of cancer threat crucial organ of the human being that cause these diseases hard to cure.

The radiations therapy can only use in limited dosage because allowing damaged occurs in the lungs’ and the heart’s organs.  The mesothelioma cancer surgery has to be taken based on an experienced doctor evaluation. There are several evaluations that will take include medical record, age, allergies, sex, weight, and disabilities to make a decision whether the patients can do a surgery or not. Because a few patients can’t deal with the surgery, they will die in the first month of post surgery. The surgery only can be done with skillful surgeons, because there are possibilities the patients will die due to conduct the surgery.

There is another type of mesothelioma surgery named palliative procedures. This surgery is more dangerous than the other one. The palliative procedures created for reducing the symptoms for the patients who definitely they life expectancy are a very small possibility.

This mesothelioma surgery is able to combine with the radiation therapy and chemotherapy called dual therapy.  The surgery will pass through the patients to lifting most of the mesothelioma cancer’s cells, next to the radiation therapy and chemotherapy will eliminate remaining cancer cells. This treatment has proven very productive on progress for mesothelioma cancer treatments.